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সৌদি পৌঁছেছেন ৭১ হাজার ১২৩ হজযাত্রী

This year, 71 thousand 123 pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh to Wednesday to celebrate Hajj. Among them, 3,338 people in government management and 67,785 pilgrims of private management are hajj pilgrims.
These pilgrims reach Saudi Arabia with a total of 222 flights, including 108 Biman Biman Airlines and 113 operated by Saudi Airlines. Currently the pilgrims are staying in Mecca and Medina.
The Ministry of Religious Affairs published this information in the Hajj bulletin formulas on Wednesday.
According to sources, the total number of visas issued till August 16, 2012 is 22271. As many as 1,32,25,25 pilgrims have been credited with identifying the identification card on Wednesday, several identification papers have been printed from the Dhaka Hajj Office.
Note that the Haj will be held on September 1 subject to the moon sighting. In government and private management, this year, a total of 1 million 27 thousand and 198 people will go to Haj. Hajj flights have started from July 24 Will end on 28th August Hajj flight will begin on 6th September till 5th October.
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