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ভারতের কাছে গন্ডার ফেরত চায় নেপাল

In recent floods, neighboring Nepal has swept away many countries. They requested India to return them, said Nepal's Wildlife Department officials.
Nepal's famous Royal Chitwan National Park is home to almost all of these gonders flooded by floods. Every year many tourists from all over the country and abroad come to see the forests and other wild animals in this protected forest.
According to the latest survey, there are about six hundred monkey bulls in the Royal Chitwan Park.
But in the last few days, due to the devastating floods in Nepal, many of the Chitwan Wildlife sanctuaries have been thrown out. The flood of water has swept them out of India on the other side of the border.
Valmiki Tiger Reserve of Uttar Pradesh state of India, on the very face of Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Which is one of the main houses of the Royal Bengal Tiger in India.
Chitwan National Park officials said they found out that some of their ponds were flooded by floods in India due to the volcanic Tiger Reserve. Now it has been requested to send wild animals to the wild animals of India.
But officials say that the task of bringing the gangers back to Nepal will not be easy because the flood water does not decrease further. It will be a matter of seeing how these Nepalese goondas can be sent back from India when the flood water goes down.
In Nepal and India, one-horned or one-horn-ola rhombus is found in the whole world. As a result, these two countries have a proud treasure of theirs.
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