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ফরিদপুরে লক্ষাধিক মানুষ পানিবন্দী

The Padma river in Faridpur has been increasing every day since the last few days of rain and uproar. In the last 12 hours, the water of the Padma flows over Goalanda Point, which is growing by 16 centimeters above 92 cm of Bapitima. As a result, millions of people have become water-borne.
Due to continuous increase in water, water has entered the houses of several villages of NorthChannel, Deikrarchur and Aliaab Union under Sadar upazila.
As a result of the increase in water, the road of Gulchandi road, Charmadhbadiya Mohammadpur road of Northchannel Union was submerged in water. People are traveling by boat with that road.
The Padma, Arial Khan, Kumar and Madhumati rivers of the district are also drinking water on Baptisma. As a result, 15 thousand families of the district have now become waterborne.
The water-loving people said that due to the increase in water, they were having problems due to their movement and eating. There has also been food crisis of cattle.Faridpur Water Development Board Deputy Assistant Engineer Jahirul Islam said that more than 100,000 people of more than 100 villages of the district have become water-borne due to increased water. He said that the connection between the Roads of Guldangi and Mohammadpur was discontinued due to water scarcity.
Faridpur District Administration's Executive Magistrate and NDC Parvez Mollik said, 29 schools of the downstream of the district were suddenly closed due to the rising river water of Faridpur. He said, we are working on the list of victims of the district. Within two days, their government cooperation will start.
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